Insurance Claim

Recommended insurance company

We can work with these insurers

  • 1 cover Car Insurance

  • AAMI Car Insurance

  • Aioi Car Insurance

  • Allianz Car Insurance

  • ANZ Car Insurance

  • APIA Car Insurance

  • Assetinsure Car Insurance

  • Auto General Car Insurance

  • Avea Car Insurance

  • Beep Car Insurance

  • Bingle Car Insurance

  • Budget Direct Car Insurance

  • Buzz Car Insurance

  • Commminsure

  • Cota Car Insurance

  • Dawes Car Insurance

  • GE Money Car Insurance

  • GIO Car Insurance

  • Global Transport Car Insurance

  • Guild Car Insurance

  • HB Car Insurance

  • Hollard Car Insurance

  • Innovation group Car Insurance

  • ISelect Car Insurance

  • Just Car Insurance

  • Lexus Car Insurance

  • NSW Treasury Managed Fund

  • Oamps Car Insurance

  • One Path (ING) Car Insurance

  • Pay As You Drive Car Insurance

  • Progressive Car Insurance

  • Real Car Insurance

  • Ryno Car Insurance

  • SGIO Car Insurance

  • Shannons Car Insurance

  • RAA Insurance Limited

  • RAC Car Insurance

  • RACT Car Insurance

  • Vero Car Insurance

  • Virgin Money Car Insurance

  • Woolworths Car Insurance

  • Youi Car Insurance


At Car Beauty Salon, we have fostered positive relationships and regard within the NSW insurance network and have experience dealing with a wide range of national and domestic providers (a comprehensive list is provided below). It is our pleasure to carry out the negotiations and administration of your claim for you, cutting out the middleman — you! — so you can spend your time as you usually would, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency.


At Car Beauty Salon, we make it our priority to provide you with the most convenient and streamlined experience possible. This is why we take it upon ourselves to be the direct liaison with your insurance broker. It also means we can get the most out of your insurance rebate as we can explain in the best detail the impact of the accident on your vehicle.

This convenience promise doesn’t stop there! We make an effort to be as efficient as possible with our repairs to minimise the time your car spends off the road. With Car Beauty Salon, your vehicle will experience the care and quality attention it needs with a fast, proficient turnaround.


As cars are our passion, there is always a mechanic on hand to discuss with you in more detail the specifics of your desired repair. Whether for your Audi, your BMW, your Mercedes Benz or your Porsche, we are thorough and make sure we provide you with exactly what you expect — nothing but the best. To get in touch with one of our Car Beauty Salon specialists today please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 9427 4100 or send us an email at

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