Car Beauty Salon is just better

European car smash repair service in Sydney by experts.
Simple, Quick, High Quality
Talk to our specialists and we give you the best options to repair your vehicle.
You will receive the highest quality service.

– Accident and Body repair management concierge service. (Lifetime Warranty)
・Quick and courteous service
・No need to wait, like in other car repair establishments
・No matter what vehicle you drive, from luxury cars to Japanese cars
・Insurance cover details and the differences between private and other insurance companies are explained carefully, in detail.

-Paintless dent repair and spot polish
Fixes small problems with cars
Our new repair service is designed to make minor car repairs hassle free, and at a much lower cost.
Feel free to drop by Car Beauty Salon in person, or call us to see what we can do for your car.

-Major and Minor damage complete repair.
Because we use the latest highest quality paint, it is also compatible with luxury cars.
We carry many different brands of paint so bodywork can be made to suit your budget and needs.
-Paint protection coating and detailing
With special paint protection (a very hard, tough, glass coating film), the body of the car is protected from dust, dirt, scratches, water spots, acid rain, smoke damage and from elements that cause fading on the surface, such as ultraviolet light.
Compared with the coating material of conventional waxing or polymer, the gloss of the paint surface lasts a remarkably long period of time. With simple car wash care, you can keep the new car luster.
Other popular services
-Interior treatment and coating to remove bacteria. Specially recommend for families with children or pets.
-Cosmetic & plastic welding repair.

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