Alloy Wheel Repair

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Alloy wheel repair

  • Washing your car every week only leaves the body looking shiny but wheels are still scratched, damage and dents remain – never leaving your car looking as good as it can.
  • To make your car look brand new it is important to look after your wheels.
  • We are specialists in alloy wheel repair.
  • Alloy wheel scratches, alloy wheel distortion, alloy wheels lacking luster or if your vehicle has any problem, the best way to repair is just make a call to Car Beauty Salon.
  • We will repair your vehicle wheel quickly and to high standards even if your wheel type is specially customized.
  • Wheel painting will potentially make your vehicle look in showroom condition. We use a high degree of care and we use the best quality paint colors and because of this we can also change your wheel color to customize your vehicle.

Diamond cut

  • This extremely beautiful shape of wheel cut is difficult to repair therefore many wheel repair companies are unable to fix the right way.
  • We have special equipment and trained staff and can potentially repair so the wheels look brand new.
  • These premium wheels are much like polished alloys and come up with a mirror finish. The difference here is that the alloy has been run over a lathe with a diamond tip, leaving the wheels with continuous circular lines tracing around the rim. The best example of a similar effect is the back of a CD.
  • The effect is a shinier, sparkling sheen that shines much like a diamond. While we do not have the technology to turn regular polished alloys into diamond cut alloys, we can polish these up to restore them to their former glow.

Bespoke Wheel Colours

  • With a number of different colours available, you can customise the wheels on your hot rod to your content! For this service, in order for us to give you a finished product as close as possible to your desires, we request that you come prepared with some imagery or email some photos of what you are after in advance. This service also includes matching as best we can the original colour of your painted wheels and touching up any scratches or marks made by bitumen or gravel.


  • This ensures you cannot tell where the repair took place as there will be no spots.


  • Polishing wheel repair is one of the most popular repair services and we will provide the highest service using the latest technology.
  • Polished alloys are just that. They are bare alloy, polished to shine to a mirror-like standard. These wheels corrode faster than painted wheels, so these wheels are one of our most common customers. When you bring your polished alloys to Car Beauty Salon, you will receive a beautiful polish to remove scratches and smooth out any dints.

Split Rims

  • Split rims are the wheels that have numerous screws and bolts holding the two rim pieces together. Again, these are treated much like polished alloys but take longer to polish as the technician has to divide them to perform the service. Most cars with split rims have one section painted and one section polished.

Caliper Paint

  • Just like a coat of pristine nail lacquer, you can have your brake calipers coated with a vibrant coat of glossy, long-lasting, quality paint by one of our artists at Car Beauty Salon. This exclusive touch to your wheels gives your car distinctive appeal and a personal touch. You can select from our range of colours to make your statement and, when you’ve had enough of one colour, bring your car back for a repaint!
  • Prestige Wheel Repairs and Rim Painting Sydney
  • Restore your wheels to their former glory with Car Beauty Salon. We are adept at the refurbishment of a number of different wheel types.
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