Caliper Paint Processes

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1. Caliper removal

Caliper paint tends to proceed without removal from the wheels in low-quality shops but at CBS, all parts removed from the vehicle to get the perfect finishing. The brake caliper is a vital part of driving safely, so our experienced mechanics ensure removing as well as refitting processes.

Removed caliper parts
Removed caliper parts

2. Caliper cleaning

Oil stains, brake dust, and other contaminations are removed by our special cleaning liquid until the caliper is perfectly cleaned so that the painted colour would not be easily removed. The finishing look is sleek and brand new again.


3. Brushing, Sanding

Brushing and sanding are crucial to remove brake dust including stuck material effectively. These processes ensure calliper smooth and clean, dry and free from dust.

First step:Brushing
First step:Brushing
Second Step:Sanding with buff machine
Second Step:Sanding with buff machine (2 times changing the fineness of the grit)
Last Step:Sanding using paper by hand
Last Step:Sanding using sand paper by hand (2 times changing the fineness of the grit)

4. Masking & Rough Coating

Masking a caliper properly times a lot of time, but if not masked correctly, many problems could be caused because of overspray and paint in the jambs. By applying primer, the deep scratches that could not be removed by sanding can be sealed and smoothed, and the durability will be better.

Applying primer
Applying primer

5. Paint mixing & applying colour

Our professional car painters mix your ideal colour. Firstly they paint a base colour to make the main colour more vibrant. The primary paint is applied in a dark room with light to make sure if there are unpainted areas that are left.

caliper paint process - toning
Applying base colour
Applying base colour
Applying main paint

6. Finish coating

Calipers will shine by applying a clear top-coat like the car body. If you would like an original logo design on the caliper, we will create a heat-resistant logo that suits you.

Applying clear top- coat
Applying clear top- coat
caliper paint process - after clear coating
After clear coating

7. Polishing, Final check

We will do the final polishing work with last detail check. The painted caliper will become brighter by polishing than the original colour.

Final polishing
Final polishing


As well as the first removal process, the painted calipers will be refitted by our experienced technicians. At the same time, we will do the brake fluid flush to the bleeding brake system, the computer scanning, and the test driving.

Caliper refitting
Refitted Caliper

Before & After

Before caliper painting
After caliper painting
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