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Stunning Painting Quality

Would you like to stand out of the crowd when it comes to your Brake Caliper?
It doesn’t matter if it’s factory or performance brakes, here at Car Beauty Salon we have the right solution for you. There are two ways of doing this, a quick and easy method is by DIY, or let the professionals take care of it. Our experienced paint technician will work with you to choose the colour which will best suit your car. As shown below, these are the process we go through to ensure you get the best result and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

CBS's Caliper painting quality

The difference in work process with other shops

Process Car Beauty Salon Low Price Shops
1. Caliper removal YES NO
2. Caliper cleaning YES YES
3. Brushing, sanding YES NO
4. Masking YES The job that tends to be untidy
5. Primer YES NO
6. Toning YES The job that tends to be untidy
7. Painting YES YES
8. Heat resistant logo YES NO
9. Clear coat YES NO
10. Polishing YES NO
11. Caliper Refit YES NO

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