Vehicle Full Detailing

Vehicle Detailing

Why choose us for Car Detailing?

All vehicle detailing is performed only by our professionally trained and experienced staff. Interior Detailing covers cleaning of the interior and polishing of the plastic, rubber and trims, paying extra attention to all hard-to-reach areas. Our machine buffing is also performed only by qualified staff who have knowledge and experience in correct paint application. The paint is applied in stages according to the vehicle’s paint type.

Required time & Price

1–2 Days  from $750 to $1050

What included?


car detailing interior
  • Roof Lining
  • Sterling
  • Dashboard
  • Centre console
  • Seats
  • Mats
  • Carpet
  • Leather treatment
  • Dashboard treatment (for fabric seat car)
  • Boot
  • Engine room


car detailing exterior
  • Wash by hand
  • Hand clay polish
  • Machine polish (to remove scratches)
  • Wax (Meguair’s CARNAUBA wax)
  • Extra attention to door andboot Trim


car detailing interior before after
car detailing interior centre console
car detailing interior before after centre console
car detailing floor before after
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